Boating & Rentals

Do I need a pleasure craft operators card?

No, we provide Transport Canada approved dock-side certification for all powerboat rentals, which is done in a matter of minutes!

Can I take the pontoon boat on Kingsmere?

No, Kingsmere Lake has a 40hp limit and our pontoon boats are 115hp. Due to the nature of this trip it is impossible to get a pontoon boat to Kingsmere. Pontoon boats can be rented on Waskesiu Lake from the Main Marina a short distance from the townsite. Canoes, kayaks, and our powerboats can all be taken out on Kingsmere.

Is there a deal for renting multiple crafts?

Canoes and kayaks have a decreased rate for multiple days and multiple crafts. See the reservations page for details.


Will I see wildlife?

We can’t guarantee wildlife sightings but the abundance of wildlife in the park means there is a very good chance! Our knowledgeable staff will educate you on the local wildlife and be sure to point out any beaver dams, eagle’s nests, etc.

What wildlife might I see?

Prince Albert National Park is home to many mammals, including elk; deer; moose; bison; black bears; timber wolves; coyotes; foxes; lynx; beavers; otters; badgers; and pine martens. There are 195 species of birds in the park, including eagles; great blue herons; Canada geese; osprey; the rare white pelican; hawks; owls; ducks and loons.

What do I need to bring?

Click here for a printable recommended checklist

Custom Tours

We can offer customized tours in addition to school and corporate groups. Give us a phone call to discuss your needs. May to September call 306-663-1999, October to April call our winter office at 306-763-1278. We would be happy to set up a custom tour for you.


Fishing Permits

Does my provincial fishing permit allow me to fish in the National Park?

No, you require a Prince Albert National Park fishing permit to fish in the Park.

I am from out of province/country. Is there a different charge for my permit?

No, everyone pays the same price for a National Park fishing permit.

Do seniors have to pay for a fishing permit in the National Park?

Yes, you are required to pay for your permit, even if you are a senior.

Fishing Regulations

Can I use minnows for fishing bait?

You are not permitted to use minnows, fish eggs, dead or alive fish or fish parts or for bait. Leeches, night crawlers, earthworms, or crayfish are permitted for use as bait. Sliced and bagged beef heart that imitates a leach are available at all three marina sites.

At what age are you required to have a National Park fishing permit?

If you are under 16 years old, you do not need your own permit, however you must be accompanied by a permit holder older than 16 years old. Anything you catch will go towards the one limit on the issued permit.

What can I use for fishing tackle?

Non-lead tackle is required. It is available for purchase at all Waskesiu Marina locations. Lures must have no more than 2 gang hooks. Lead weights of greater than 50 grams are permitted.

Do you rent fishing tackle?

No but we have economically priced options for sale of tackle at all three marinas.

Do I need a permit for catching trout?

Trout tags are available at no charge with a valid National Park fishing permit. They must be obtained from the Visitor Information Centre in Waskesiu, or at the South Park Entry gate.

When is the open fishing season in the National Park?

Fishing season begins the Saturday of the Victoria Day long weekend. Fishing season closes as follows:

  • Labour Day
    • Kingsmere Lake
    • Crean Lake
    • Wassegam Lake
  • September 30
    • Hanging Heart Lakes
    • Sandy Lake
    • Trappers Lake
    • Namekus Lake
    • Bagwa Lake
    • Lilly Lake
    • Clare Lake
    • Ajawaan Lake
  • March 31
    • Waskesiu Lake

How long is my permit valid for?

A daily permit is valid only for the day it is issued, it is not a 24 hour permit. An annual permit is valid until the end of the current fishing season (March 31), it is not a 365 day permit.

We encourage catch & release if done properly.

We encourage the use of barbless hooks.