Fishing Boats

No Boaters Card Required

Those who prefer to ride in a motorized boat will enjoy our 16 ft and 18 ft Yamaha fishing boats. These sturdy and stable aluminium boats are powered by environmentally friendly 30 & 40 horse power Yamaha four-stroke motors with electric start. These boats are great for fishing or sightseeing excursions around the lake and pulling a tube.

For those who enjoy the sport of angling, all our Marina locations have PANP angling permits and regulation summaries, an excellent selection of fishing tackle, rods & accessories and fillet houses to clean your days catch.

Fishing Boat

Available at all three Marina locations: Waskesiu Lake Marina Adventure Centre, Waskesiu Lake Narrows Marina, Hanging Heart Lakes Marina.

(clickable map with directions here)

Fishing Boat Rental Rates

  • You do not need a boat operator’s card to rent our fishing boats.
  • Credit card number is required to make a reservation.
  • We take you through dock-side certification that allows you to operate the boat for the duration of the rental.

Our rental rates include all necessary equipment: life jackets, paddles, safety kits, fuel, and anchors.

Fishing boat rentals are by the hour on a decreasing sliding scale. We charge out, in half hour increments after the first full hour, taxes and fees extra.

Fishing Boat
Rental Rates
(taxes & fees extra)
 Hrs Price
16′ 18′
1 $40.00 $50.00
1.5 $60.00 $75.00
2 $80.00 $100.00
2.5 $97.50 $122.50
3 $115.00 $145.00
3.5 $132.50 $167.50
4 $150.00 $190.00
4.5 $165.00 $210.00
5 $180.00 $230.00
5.5 $195.00 $250.00
6 $210.00 $270.00
6.5 $225.00 $290.00
7 $240.00 $310.00
7.5 $255.00 $325.00
8 $270.00 $345.00
8+ $30/hour $40/hour

Self-Guided and Day Fishing Trips to Grey Owl’s Cabin

Rent our 16 ft or 18 ft Aluminium Boat for a self-guided adventure to Grey Owl’s Cabin. (accommodates up to 6 – 7 passengers).

Base Rate: Rate Total: 16 ft $425.00 / 18 ft $450.00. A $100.00 delivery and pickup fee is included(taxes and fees extra).

Reservation policy for fishing boats going to Kingsmere. Must provide 24 hrs notice prior to trip. A $30.00 non-fundable deposit if cancelled the day of the trip.

Fishing Boat Policy for Self-Guided and Day Fishing Trips to Grey Owl’s Cabin

  • You must meet at the Waskesiu Lake Main Marina prior to heading to Kingsmere Landing.
  • Due to insurance requirements the Waskesiu Marina has to provide the transport of the boats to and pickup from the Kingsmere Landing.
  • The Waskesiu Marina reserves the right to cancel the trip if the weather forecast for wind is 15km/h or greater.
  • You must de-register back at the Main Marina no later than 6:00 pm to allow us the timeframe to retrieve the fishing boat from the Kingsmere Landing.
  • We charge a full day rental in all circumstances.

Tube Rental

Flat rate of $30 per day

Fishing Boat Policies

  • Dockside certification and boat operation explanation included
  • Damage Deposit: $20.00 credit card swipe
  • Prop damage can range from $35-$175.00
  • Maximum number of people: 16 ft boat-6 adults, 18 ft – 7 adults
  • All safety equipment and one (1) full tank of fuel included
  • NO sunflower seeds
  • NO Smoking
  • NO Alcohol
  • NO going up on shore
  • Boats are in a clean condition when rented out, please return them in the same condition.

You must arrive at the rental location at least 15 minutes prior to your departure time to complete necessary paperwork.

Cancellation Policy

Without prior notification we hold the boats for 30 minutes after the time of reservation. We charge one hour rental and rent it out first come first served.

At our discretion no charge for cancellation due to inclement weather.

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