Grey Owl’s Cabin

Grey Owl's CabinCancelled due to Covid-19                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Travel to Grey Owl’s cabin via  guided motor boat (full-day), or self-guided motor boat, canoe or kayak.

Ideal for: those with an interest in famous figures and history of the land. Hiking is required on all tours, but the shuttle service minimizes physical exertion.

“Far enough away to gain seclusion, yet within reach of those whose genuine interest prompts them to make the trip, Beaver Lodge extends a welcome if your heart is right.” ~ Grey Owl

A Waskesiu Marina Adventure Centre guided journey to Grey Owl’s Cabin begins at 8:00am when everyone rallies at the Adventure Centre and checks in. Shortly after the group travels to the Kingsmere River landing where the watercraft is unloaded and the true journey begins.

Water levels in the Kingsmere River determine the style of portage required to enter Kingsmere Lake. If water levels are high the group boards the craft and travels up stream to the rail car portage and transports the watercraft 700 metres before re-entering the river to finish the journey to Kingsmere Lake. If water levels are low it may be required to perform a carry portage to reach the rail car portage. A second carry may be required to travel the final distance to Kingsmere Lake however there is often enough water to float the craft to the lake.

Upon entering the lake from the Kingsmere River the 14 km trek across Kingsmere Lake begins. This journey skirts along the eastern shoreline of the lake providing opportunity to observe any wildlife that might be at the water’s edge. A number of points of interest can be observed on this journey and your guide will share both the natural and cultural significance of the area.

After traveling across Kingsmere Lake your journey brings you to the North End picnic sight on Kingsmere Lake. Here your group can break for lunch. A delicious picnic lunch, including sandwiches, salads, fruit, sweets, and beverages prepared for the group. The lunch can be supplied by the Marina if required at additional cost.

After this short break the group then begins another short 3 km hike to “Beaver Lodge” on the Shore of Ajawaan Lake. The group will again pass many points of interest along the way. Upon arrival at the cabin your guide will step back and let you take it all in. You will be free to explore the upper and lower cabin as well as the grave sites of Anahareo, Shirley Dawn and Grey Owl.

Once the group has had time to experience the site and the guide has answered any questions you might have, it is then time to begin the return journey back to Waskesiu. Once again the group hikes the 3 km to Kingsmere Lake, travels the 14 km to the south end entering the Kingsmere River and travelling back down the river.  The group then travels back to the Waskesiu Lake Adventure Centre to check out.

In total this trip will take 7 to 9 hours to complete, depending on the  wind conditions on Kingsmere.

Guided Trip by Motor Boat

  • 16 ft Yamaha G3 Aluminium boat with an environmentally friendly 30 hp four-stroke motor, or 18 ft Yamaha G3 Aluminium boat with an environmentally friendly 40 hp four-stroke motor (accommodates up to 6 passengers)
  • Base Rate: $500.00 (up to 6 people)

Create your own Self-Guided Adventure

  • Rent our 16 ft or 18 ft Aluminium Boat for a self-guided adventure to Grey Owl’s Cabin. (accommodates up to 6 – 7 passengers, picnic lunch optional at additional cost for self-guided tours.
  •  Rate:  16 ft $370.00 / 18 ft $440.00 Delivery included (+GST/PST)
  • Grey Owl Trips to Kingsmere operate on a day rate only.   If your trip plan falls outside of this parameter please contact the Marina for customized pricing to suit your needs.

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