Canoe Rentals


Waskesiu Marina Adventure Centre offers tandem canoes. Our Old Town canoes are a rugged, sturdy lake canoe ideal for a short paddle or extended backcountry travel. All of our rentals include necessary safety equipment: lifejackets, paddles, safety kit, bailing jug and a bowline.


Canoe Rental Rates (taxes and fees extra)


Canoe Routes

If transport of canoes to Kingsmere or Namekus Lake by Marina staff is required, you must provide 3 days advance notice.

Canoes Going to Kingsmere Lake including Bagwa/Lily Route

If you pick up and transport canoes yourself we supply all necessary padding and tie downs at no charge. 

We can deliver and retrieve your canoe to Namekus or the Kingsmere River Landing for a flat fee of $125.00.(taxes and fees extra). We can transport up to 7 canoes on one trip.

Canoe Policy for Canoes Going to Kingsmere Lake including Bagwa/Lily Route

  • You must meet at the Waskesiu Lake Main Marina prior to heading to Kingsmere Landing. 
  • Renters who leave a canoe on Kingsmere Lake and the Waskesiu Marina regardless of circumstance has to retrieve it will be charged a $125.00 flat transportation fee and labour costs that are incurred.
  • For large group rentals please contact Marina directly by email or by phone:  summer 306.663.1999, winter 306.763.1278
  • Overnight and Multi-Day Rental Rates (taxes and fees extra)
One canoe for more than one day
1 day$66total$66
2 day$56total$122
3 day$56total$178
4 day$56total$234
5 day$56total$290
Multi-Canoe for more than one day
1 day$66total$66 (per canoe)
2 day$56total$122 (per canoe)
3 day$56total$178 (per canoe)
4 day$50total$234 (per canoe)
5 day$50total$290 (per canoe)

Weekend Specials

  • Pick up a canoe after 6:00 pm Friday and returned Saturday before 6:00 p.m. charged one (1)day rental.
  • Pick up a canoe after 6:00 pm Friday and returned Sunday before 12 noon charged one and one half (1 ½) day rental.
  • Pick up a canoe after 6:00 pm Friday and returned Sunday afternoon charged two (2) days rental.

Canoe Policies

  • Overnight canoes returned before noon charged for half day rental
  • All safety equipment included
  • NO sunflower seeds
  • NO Smoking
  • NO Alcohol/Drugs
  • Boats are in a clean condition when rented out, please return them in the same condition.
  • Renter to pay for lost or damaged equipment

Cancellations Due to Weather

Please be advised that the Waskesiu Marina may refuse to proceed with watercraft rentals if the weather conditions are deemed unsafe. It is the Marina’s policy not to send out watercraft within 30 minutes of thunder or lightning or when the wind gusts exceed 15km/h.

While we strive to provide ample notice of rental cancellations, this is not always possible as weather conditions may change rapidly. We recommend reviewing the weather forecast on the morning of your rental and or calling the marina before travelling to Waskesiu.

Be Prepared Checklist