Faces Behind the Counter

Owners: Morris & Susan McLachlan

The McLachlan family has been connected to Prince Albert National Park (PANP) since 1946 handling what was called at the time “Shack Tents”. The family business also harvested lake ice to resell in the summer time for refrigeration and has been a part of the heritage of PANP for over 50 years.

In 1999 Morris (I) acquired the operation of the marina and continues the family tradition by having the support of my daughters, grandchildren, brothers, nieces, nephews and cousins.  In 2015 I was joined in the day to day operations by my wife Sue after retiring from a 30yr career with Parks Canada.

Sue also has a deep connection with Waskesiu and Prince Albert National Park (PANP). Born in Edmonton her family’s summer tradition was to camp in Waskesiu. So Sue and I have spent every summer in and around Waskesiu Lake. 

Our family is committed to supporting PANP and Parks Canada.  We believe that our National Parks play a vital role in representing Canada’s unique Natural and Cultural Heritage.  We are also committed to providing the park visitor with enriching experiences while conveying the messages of environmental integrity and stewardship of the land. We are committed to preserving the environment and as such we promote proper and humane catch & release fishing practices.

We are starting the 25th year of operation and are proud that five generations of the McLachlan family have lived and worked here and we feel privileged to have a business in this beautiful park.

Mission Statement 1999

“To offer marina services and boat rentals in a manner that is safe, educational and leaves the area unimpaired for others to use”


Our Staff, our “Marina Family” is a diverse group of energetic, enthusiastic people that love to be able to put you out on the water.  They want to insure that your experience at the marina and out on the water is safe and very enjoyable. Our Marina Family work hard at helping you create an experience that can last a life time and one that you would want to experience over and over again. 

It’s not hard for them to share their love of nature when they spend the summer working and living next to one of the most beautiful Lakes in our province. We work hard to make their stay at the marina the most awesome summer job they will ever have.

At days end they will gather and celebrate their day exchanging stories of the things they did and the people they have met.